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Title 1

Schools operating Title I programs must in coordination with parents of participating children, develop jointly with parents programs, activities, and procedures that have the following goals:

(1) To inform parents of participating children of the; (a) Reason their children are participating in the program; (b) Specific instructional objectives and methods of the program.

(2) To provide the coordination, technical assistance, and other support necessary to assist participating school in planning and implementing effective parent involvement. (a) Involve parents in the joint development of the parent development policy and the process of school assessment and improvement of the plan.

(3) To support the efforts of parents including training parents, to the maximum extent possible, to: (a) Work with their children in the home to attain the instructional objectives of the program; and (b) to train parents, students, teachers, and principals to build a partnership between home and school.

(4) Conduct, with the involvement of parents, an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parental involvement policy developed under this section. (a) to determine the effectiveness of the policy in increasing the participation of parents; and (b) to identify barriers to greater participation by parents in activities provided under the policy.

(5) To consult with parents, on an ongoing basis, concerning the manner in which the school and parents can work better together to achieve the program’s objectives.

(6) To ensure that all parents have the opportunity to participate fully regardless of their cultural difference.

To accomplish the aforementioned, schools must hold annual meetings at the start of each academic calendar year. COVID-19 constraints require these sessions to be virtual in 2020-2021. Our first virtual session transpired on 08/25/2020. Our second virtual session will transpire on 09/25/2020. The information presented in each session will be identical. Incrementally, the presented information will be placed on our campus website following tomorrow’s business close.

These documents have been attached herein.

Meeting Minutes

HB 4545 Parent/Guardian Orientation

Student Compact 2021-2022

Student Compact 2020-2021

Parental Rights

Parent Involvement Survey – Elementary School

TEA Revised Parents Right to Know (English)

TEA Notice to Parent (Spanish)

Annual Title 1 Meeting (PDF)